Multiword Expression Reading Group

    16 Oct, 2001
    Presentation of R. Moon (1998) Fixed Expressions and Idioms in English: A Corpus-based Approach, Chapters 1-2, Clarendon Press
    • Can we realistically expect to devise linguistic tests to classify MWEs cleanly? Yes, at a high level, but no, we don't expect to get a full set of linguistic tests that we can use to classify all MWE instances.
    • Issue of how to represent MWEs with multiple lexical realisations of equal plausibility (e.g. lick someone's shoes/boots): introduce super-relations into grammar for all possible lexical alternants possible in all MWEs. Do we really want to do this or is there a more structured way of proceeding that doesn't involve too high a level of semantic description?
    • TAKE-HOME TASK: look over Moon's classification of MWEs and look for any holes, i.e. any MWEs which do not obviously fall into any of Moon's categories; as part of this, think about how to extend Moon's classification to MWEs in general

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